Friday, April 29

The Future

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Via my angel. This was taken in an area of Germany that has more of these windmills per sqm than anywhere else. I find them quite beautiful. On mass they're amazing. And again Mr. Howard, please take note - this is the future. Not coal. Not fossil fuels. But clean green energy.

2 Little Monkeys

Happy Birthday Milva!!!!

What an awesome day has been provided for us today. Thank you. It's going to be 30 and so a nice swim in the ocean is necessary at some point.

How great did my day begin with a little sweet voice singing me happy birthday - and then another sweet voice wanting to get in on the act. I'm very lucky to have the best nieces in the world. I'm kind of behind this morning though due to lots of nice phone calls and the fact that I can't seem to use my phone anywhere in the house except my living room on a certain chair facing west. Gotta love cordless phone technology when you live in a terrace just a few metres away from at least 2 other cordless phone set-ups. Not. We all interfere with each other. I think I'm going to get us an old fashioned phone with a long long cord we can trip over - it would be far more satisfying. And quite frankly I'm sick to death of cross-lines - my neighbours conversations just aren't that interesting

I wish my angel could be with me. Sigh. Long phone conversations and lovely emails are nice though.

Ok, on with my day.

Thursday, April 28

Tschüss 36

Firstly: Herzlichen Glückwünsch dear dear Fritz!!!!! Lots of love energy to you today and always.
OK now it's whinge time.

How can our politicians say there is not enough evidence that global warming is actually taking place? It's the end of April, and it's fully swimming weather. Not that I'm complaining too much - but hey, where is the rain? Mr Howard get a grip and sign Kyoto.

Another thing I need to whinge about it: Bloody Cats! Sorry dear cat lovers but cats spraying their disgusting smelling "this is my territory and I want to f**k you other pretty cats" is not pleasant. At all. It doesn't help I suppose having an über cat lover living next door - I'm sure all the cats in the neighbourhood come to check out her cats. So these bloody cats are spraying my front yard. I can't even tell where exactly but it seems like everywhere. But I can't see the spray like I could in the past. After washing down my pavers, walls, door grill, twice, things seem to smell back to normal. Please little kitties, STAY AWAY.

Killed another redback with my trusty Birkenstock.
Other news:

Ran into old family friends Grace & Reno buying my Spelt. It was a reminder to us all to organise a proper catch up/picnic before someone dies.

Bought the soundtrack to Life Aquatic. And found out it was Noah Taylor who suggested Sven Libaek as a composer. If you haven't seen the film - DO. Also got Lior's album but at this stage I only seem to like 1st track. Why do I keep buying cd's for one itty song?

And lastly, I'm sooooooo looking forward to Mum's birthday feast for us tomorrow night:
Black Bean & Chilli Crab + Stir Fried Snake Beans/Greens in Oyster Sauce + Steamed Pork with Shrimp Sauce + Rice. Divinity. It's that simple.

Wednesday, April 27

Survival of The Fittest

GOOD NEWS: Got the INTERVIEW and it‘s happening next Monday Yeaaaaahhhhh!!!!

MORE GOOD NEWS: JD’s paper/presentation went smashingly well. He sounded chuffed. As though it would have gone any other way. Back soon to PB for very important family celebrations.

And I miss him.

BAD NEWS:After speaking with my very learned friend the barrister this morning, we’re left with little choice but to have our car insurance deal with the liar’s insurance company. Which means forking out $450 in excess today, for 2 little scratch marks caused by the screws holding our plate number on. Yes I repeat, scratches not indents which $10 of paint would fix. $10 is probably way more than the reality of it. Hopefully we will can get most of this money back – but the hideous truth will certainly be far less than that. It makes me so angry. May the most honest man/woman win!

And then Australia Post made me even angrier wanting to charge $4 for the 1st page of a fax, and $1 for each page after that – are they kidding? They must be kidding right? So I decided to head down to Mum’s work and use their fax machine instead – thanks GF.

MOTHER NATURE: So while casually chatting away, I glance out towards my front courtyard and see a cute little lizard kind of hanging around weirdly off a pot plant. Then I see a black spider (which I know immediately must be one of those bloody redbacks of which we seem to have an abundance) which is striking the lizard and then backing off and striking again. The poor lizard looked gone. But I intervened and with a piece of wood flicked the spider off – and then killed it. Which is bad I know, but they’re not the friendliest wildlife to have around, right? Then I realised I’d caught part of the lizards tail when I flicked the spider. Isn’t it great that the little sweetie can just go grow another one.

REALITY TV: As a self confessed lover of Survivor – I’ve got to say that until last week, it was kind of boring and uneventful. It seems that some more honesty is about to be shown by each character and I can’t wait for next episode.

THINKING: What should I get Milva for her birthday?

HUNGRY: Got to go eat some more of my killer pasta. Ciao.

Tuesday, April 26

Salty Skin and Sandy Toes

Bondi was near perfect today. Had a dip - I can't really say I swam though, and it was heavenly. The Roosters were having a training/bonding/frollick in the waves type of session. Haven't seen that many muscles or booffy heads on mass for a long time. The water is warm again, we must be getting one of those nice warm currents that make swimming at this time of the year easy. Basically got to hang out with my main gals.

As I type JD will be giving his paper in Essen. Can't wait to hear from him and how it all went. Good luck angel!!!!

Milva and I are trying to work out what we want for the birthday. We may just do a small relaxed girls thing - dinner, movie, cocktails???

Really really do hope to hear back from the potential employer. After last week's conversation, I should feel confident to be getting to meet all relevant people. Fingers very crossed.

Many congratulations also to Suzanne & Shawn - they shall be wedding each other!

Good night

Monday, April 25


On April 25, 1915, the Anzacs landed on the Gallipoli Peninsula and carved a special place in our history. Today is the 90th Anniversay.

Last nights Compass program was brilliant and reminded me of Atatürk's incredible generosity of spirit.

Here are the words of Atatürk's speech to the first Australians and New Zealanders to return to Gallipoli in 1934, words now on the monument to the dead of the battlefield.
Those heroes that shed their blood
And lost their lives...
You are now lying in the soil of a friendly Country.
Therefore rest in peace.
There is no difference between the Johnnies
And the Mehmets to us where they lie side by side
Here in this country of ours...
You, the mothers,
Who sent their sons from far away countries
Wipe away your tears,
Your sons are now lying in our bosom
And are in peace
After having lost their lives on this land
They have become our sons as well
My own personal story about Turkish-Australian relations, came about in my first German class in Hannover. There were several Turkish people in the class and when we first had to introduce ourselves in incredibly basic and stammering German - I uttered "Ich bin Australierin" or something like that - and a Turkish guy whose name I've now sadly forgotten, jumped up and started saying in broken English "Australian very good people, best people in world, ANZAC, you ANZAC.....". It completely touched my heart, and was the first time I'd ever thought about the war from their perspective. Germany, and particularly Hannover has a huge amount of Turks - which really gives a funky edge to German life. And of course whilst speaking of Turks - huge hello to Dilek!!

Let us remember all men and women who have fought, died, and lived through all wars past and present.


Sunday, April 24


I won't mention the artists/photographers names who we'd gone to listen to today. Basically Sam and I found the work unappealing and decided to scoot out of there before it wouldn't have been polite anymore. Which then gave us the opportunity of strolling around the back streets of Paddo visiting more galleries. Maxine Liau's work was perhaps the best I'd found all day. It was such a beautiful day, and we ended up down at Rushcutters Bay Park sitting in the sun. I love it down there and almost never even think to use this piece of paradise at all. The oval down there was the site of our primary school's athletics carnivals. Running on real turf, not being able to clearly see the lanes, little flags marking areas, and dodgy PA systems so that you sometimes didn't hear your race being called if you weren't in the cute little wooden stand. And later when friends played cricket down here, often the games would be called off if there'd been a bit of rain about as the ground just couldn't handle it and would be soggy and unplayable.

JD has arrived nice and safe. And it only took 22 hours.

Thursday, April 21

Think Before You Pick Up The Phone, PLEASE!

Why is it so difficult for people living outside of Australia to get the time right? Why do we need to be woken out of dreams and delicious sleep at 2am, 4am, 6am?

Why? Why? Why?

Not happy at all. And finding it really hard to live the love when this happens.

Sleep is very important to me. OK.

So, now go check the time, and I don't care about your excuses because you've changed to summer time and we've gone back to normal time.

Happy Birthday Julie!!

Wednesday, April 20

Happy Anniversary

Today, 9 years ago JD and I met in Barcelona. What a day! What an amazing week! What an amazing 9 years. Danke Danke Danke!!! I.L.D.O.E.

After reading Carlos Castaneda's writings about moving assemblage points etc, I can honestly say that perhaps I had moved mine in the lead up to meeting JD as I remember feeling completely different. I felt like I could "see" everything. It felt like my view had grown, expanded, and it physically manifested itself in a feeling of lightness as well as no physical boundaries. OK so that's all a bit hard to explain really. But the feeling was incredible and lasted approx. 6 months. When I realised it had gone, I felt quite sad about it, as it really was a much nicer reality. When we talk about it together today, JD agrees he had similiar feelings. Maybe it was just a love-zone thing, but maybe it wasn't. I hope I can make it return one day.

Happy happy birthday also to Erika & DrRob.

Tuesday, April 19


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Event: Erika's 21st Party. As usual Jindi arrived epitomising glamour. This creation was a blend of star girl dress up and faux fur coat - the necklace doesn't exist anymore - it got broken and then lost. So this is the one of the last reminders. Thank you Wendy. The coat almost didn't exist anymore either. As Jindi leaned across one of the candles on the table, the wrist trims caught alight, and thankfully her Milva saw it in time. Phew.

Eye Candy

Just back from Danks St. Visited a few of the galleries until my growling stomach told me it was lunchtime. Had to then drop in to Fratelli's for some lovely goodies for tonight's feast.

I was most impressed with Narelle Autio's work. I'd love one of her big prints - but it would be quite hard to choose which one, not to mention finding the dosh. The same can also be said of Trent Parke's work. Check these guys out at:

Jeff Carter's old photos bring back so many memories for me. Even though most of them were taken before I was born, the inner city Sydney shots are extremely reminiscent of my first years in Surry Hills. You can find him down at Sandra Byron Gallery at Danks St.

Wayne Hutchins has a whole heap of detailed paintings and photos at The Depot Gallery. I'm glad I got to talk with him so I could understand his process even more.

Better get to work on that job application.

Losing The Faith

I cannot believe people lie like this.

So way back in November, JD was on his way home and slightly bumped a car in front of him at the lights at take off. He fully agreed with the other driver that he was at fault,that he had made the collision at roughly 5-10km's an hour, but it wasn't an "accident" rather it was an incident - an incident which left 2 indentations in the paintwork, not metal, of the bumper bar from our car's screws that hold the license plate on. We have just received a letter from the other car's insurance company wanting $500+ from us. And they're claiming stuff like: rear lights, new bumper bar and rims for the tyres. Like what the f**k are you f**king talking about? I am so angry. JD had the foresight to actually get this driver to write down on a piece of paper what the actual damage was - so now I am wondering whether this piece of incriminating evidence could be used against this liar and wanna be thief.

I hate this. This is wrong. And now we're going to have to spend $500 (excess) in order to have our insurance company fight this for us. I can't believe this. I wish I hadn't opened that mail right now. talk about how to ruin a good mood in 20 seconds.

Hint No.1 Always have a camera with you in the car - that way you will always have visual proof!


Monday, April 18


Well that was just a blissful weekend. Friday night was so nice. The arizonoids and partners are amongst my most favourite people in the world. It was lots of fun, and met some nice new people too.

Had a family dinner/send off for JD. My beautiful nieces were as gorgeous as ever.

And Sunday was just hanging out with my main man. Bliss! Also caught up with Tim & AJ - always fun, until some residents from the area decided to bring their ugly business into the pub - it nearly got really ugly. It made me feel scared and I just wanted to come home.

Huge birthday greetings to Karen!!!!!! for today.

Can you believe it's 33 whole degrees? Bondi was gorgeous this morning. I didn't get to swim-swim, as I was holding the girls hands while they splish splashed in the rippy shallows. It didn't matter, as it was about 10 degrees cooler on the waters edge and it felt great.

Finally also got to see Kelvin after what feels like years. Must catch up with those guys properly soon. By the way, if you're in Bondi and want the best food and chilled out old style corner cafe, then check out The Hobbitt.

And if avian flu isn't enough to scare you shitless, did anyone see the docos on the super volcanoes. Really well produced and very scary. The SMH has another article about it today, but I can't share the link with you as I couldn't view the document either as I'd already read one article and haven't registered. That really really sucks. I really don't want to have to register with a newspaper.

Gotta go do a few things before yoga.


Friday, April 15

Many Happies

In just my circle of close family and friends the month of April is absolutely chockers with no less than 13 of us celebrating our big day's. Yes mine included. This blog did not exist early enough for me to mention congratulations to Kath & Dierk - so I think they deserve a little mention now.

Happy Birthday to my friend Pete today.Totally looking forward to tonight & catching up with that whole gang and eating Deb's delicious food.

Last night JD, Tim & I enjoyed Maggies Thai. Really clean tasty food. But I wish I hadn't bothered taking a couple of sips of that delicious Czech beer - this morning I remembered why I don't touch the stuff anymore - allergic to hops or the wheat or all of it. Derrrrrrrr.

Thursday, April 14

Paradise Found

Paradise Found
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this weather just won't quit will it?
so we find ourselves in april experiencing a never ending summer. i love it. last weekend after a nice walk in the RNS, JD found himself swimming with a fairy penguin - yes that's right, i said penguin. i had to share this place with you - it's one of countless beaches down south and no doubt this is how it looks today.

Thursday, April 7

Giving Thanks

this is the 1st blog i ever came across about 5 years ago
and so i would like to thank claire so much for inadvertantly inviting me into this strange new world. i can only aspire to be bringing you all something like her site.

another huge favourite i'd like to point out is:

i'm now off to attempt to find out why i can't seem to publish photos


Wednesday, April 6

Birth of Blog

and in the beginning........
well there really isn't much right now
just getting this thing past the idea is enough
i endeavour to bring posts, links, images shortly.