Sunday, May 29

Go all the Way Dude


Yes he's into the last 16.


Getting up at 6am on a Saturday morning now feels totally natural.

Yoga felt awesome. I came home feeling ecstatic. Milva called and was bouncing off the walls - she was playing some reggae so loud it sounded like she was at a recovery party in Jamaica. JD was energised. With the 3 of us now committed to Saturday mornings it makes the whole thing easier and more fun.

After some deliberation I decided to take Tim up on a bike ride. He brought over his helmet and kevlar implanted jacket which made me feel safer - but I really didn't like only having jeans on - but I've either left my leather pants in Germany, or they're packed away in the attic. We only did a short drive to Vaucluse to friends L & N (they have a living room to die for with views onto the ocean and cliffs). It felt fantastic being on a bike again and it brought back many wonderful memories of life in Hannover in the late 90's with JD. I love how much more aware you are travelling on a bike, but I don't love how un-bike friendly Sydney roads are and Sydney drivers are really BAD - they don't care about their blind spot at all.

JD couldn't do much with his guitar today and so we had the afternoon together. And finally bought a new telephone - and now there's no more crackling and interference from the neighbours. How and why did we endure it that long.

Watched Princess Bride for the 1st time. A sweet and funny film, but I think because it seems to be a lot of people's favourite film it was blown out of proportion for me. I enjoyed it but it doesn't make my top 10.

Thursday, May 26

Cool News

Last year we had the pleasure of attending The Australian Guitar Competition - which also involved a series of small concerts and masterclasses.

We were introduced to 2 amazing performers. The classical guitarist Fabio Zanon - who is truly gifted and who seems like a very eloquent, humorous and generous man.
And the jazz guitarist Wolfgang Muthspiel.

Photo by Robert Lewis

I just had the thought to browse through his site and
discovered that he is coming back
down here later this
year to do concerts with Slava Grigoryan. He's doing
concerts all over
the country so if you're into this kind
of thing check him out. Alternatively if you live in Europe

he pretty much travels all over the place all year and I
can highly recommend catching
this dude.



The world is not in good shape at all.
In this latest report from Amnesty International, it is accusing many governments around the world including our own, of abandoning the committment to human rights in the so called "war against terror".

Add to that our continuing disrespect for our Indigenous brothers and sisters, our refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol - read here what David Suzuki has to say about that, and our Immigration and Detention policies and bungles I find myself living in a country that makes it hard to feel proud of being a part of - Shame Mr Howard Shame (and all the other politicians and people in power who perpetuate wrongs)

Simple & Very Cool

What a great idea! The handle can be attached to either plastic or glass bottles. Excellent and very stylish. Found this via Karin. A very cool girl indeed. It was the winner of the MACEF Design Award 2005

State of Origin

Last night JD and I watched the entire 1st installment of the State against State, mate against mate game of Rugby League.

Football was definitely the winner - and of course Queensland.

Photo: Craig Golding

JD knows nothing about the game having grown up in Germany. And I know quite alot about the game (Go the Roosters!), but chose to give it up as a form of entertainment for the last 15-20 years. I found it a massive waste of time, and it just seems quite neanderthal really. Far too rough for my liking. Anyway, it was actually fun watching it together, and JD now knows what a knock-on, converted try, scrum and biffo are - all really important stuff to know for chats around the coffee machine at work.

Another hilarious fact about State of Origin: This year they're celebrating 25 years but it is in fact 26 years. It started in 1980. Do the math! Channel 9 apparently pointed this out to the Rugby League and they chose to ignore this fact. It pretty much sums up the game.

Tuesday, May 24

Oui Oui to Tennis

This has just started and of course this doesn't seem to be a priority for free to air networks in Australia. A real pity and considering that it's a Grand Slam event, what's their excuse?


Clay isn't interesting? They don't speak English? The time difference doesn't suit? They have other more important programming committments?

WRONG!!!! Clay is cool. They speak English when necessary and with cool accents. Wimbledon has the same time difference and they cover all of Wimbledon. Big Brother, My Restaurant Rules, CSI, etc etc etc blah blah blah are very extremely not important programmes.

Love the artwork don't you?

Say No When You Need To

I did something today I've never done before.

Yesterday I ordered some organic pork at one of the local wholefood shops I frequent, and when I picked it up, the price per kg I'd been quoted had changed from $14.99 to $24.99 We don't eat meat that often and when we do it's nicer to know it's organic (although not the rule in our household). Last week I saw a report about how smart pigs and sheep really are and how they are actually smarter than dogs. This had almost put me off, but when JD expressed his craving for Sang Choy Bow this morning - how could I resist. But at $24.99 p/kg for mince - I mean it's not even a proper piece of meat - and why did they so get the quote wrong? I apologised very politely and declined my order. I feel bad about it. Hopefully they can sell it on to someone else. Considering this shop is in Woollahra, one of the ritzier suburbs around town, I'm sure one of the well heeled set won't even look twice at the price.

So no Sang Choy Bow tonight then. Salmon steaks instead.

The sun came out. Thank god cos I really needed to wash, air and sun our yoga mats .


All the flame trees are blooming and the rosellas are going nuts in the trees eating the bloom/nut thingos. Although they're not native - I think they're Sth African, I think the bloom is beautiful. The photo is ordinary I know but you get picture right?


Yoga last night was great. I don't hurt anywhere this morning. And for the first time in my life very minute muscles are appearing. I love it.

Today is fully overcast and cold. I'm sitting here in my upstairs room far away from the gas heater below and I've resorted to perching a hot water bottle on my lap to keep warm. I think I need to go walk around the block and warm up. The sky feels on top of my head when it's like this and the light is all white and cold. I hope it blows over by tonight as it's full moon - last night the moon was so huge, so bright - it was staggering.

Just checked the weather and it's 14 degrees. What is going on?

(Always) For a good laugh go read K Dunk's Tom-Kate blurb.

Monday, May 23

Revving up for the Week

So the job hunt continues. Please let something cool come up this week!

I'm loving the colour pink again. I just bought a new hat - I've never had this style before and I love it. It's a bit boofy on top. I'm not really what you'd think a typical pink kind of gal would be, and friends are quite shocked when they visit my house and see pink towels and waste bin in the bathroom. I guess the colour makes me feel good.


In honour of pink here are some amazing bouganvillea I snapped down at Vaucluse the other day. I've never been successful growing it myself despite it being one of the more foolproof type of plants to cultivate.


Did one lap of Centennial Park today with Chrissie & Jack. It was gorgeous there - and not too croweded.


Now I'm off to make dinner so we've got something delicious and wholesome to eat when we get home from yoga.

Marrickville, Sydney

Here is a brief look at my impression of Marrickville on Saturday. Probably far more interesting for people not living in Sydney - as I think one of the only things captured in these shots is the dagginess and suburban feel, not the glitz and glamour Sydney likes to be known for - which is often not seen by the average tourist.



Sunday, May 22


Still maintaining getting up early. You can do so much more this way.

Walked Bondi once. We got sidetracked watching some good surfing. The sun was so warm that it was hard to believe the temperature gauge at Nth Bondi Surf Club was reading 17 degrees?




Unfortunately we didn't spot any whales today. But we did see a large school of mystery fish jumping through the water. Sunning ourselves on the cliffs at Dover Heights was heavenly.


And the whole day is still ahead.

Saturday, May 21

Make mine vegetarian, please!

This via Caterina, one of the most cerebral people out there blogging.


Victoria Reynolds Down the Primrose Path, 2003
44 x 29 Inches , Oil on panel

At the Richard Heller Gallery

It's pretty amazing actually. The one she did of mortadella is also spooky. But then again it's pretty spooky anyway.

More Hours in this Day

I'm feeling very proud of myself. Did the 8am yoga class finally. Which meant getting up at 6am to have a bit of brekky first - otherwise I think I'd have passed out. By the time I got to class, my stomach was growling from hunger pains again. I don't know what's going on with my metabolism.

Back home for breakfast no. 2 - a proper one this time. Mum dropped in and then we headed down to Marrickville (a neighouring suburb 20 mins away) to check out what that strip of suburbia offers. Not as much as I thought, but I did get a huge bunch of joss sticks for $1.80. It's really laid back there, and feels more like a country town strip than being in the city. Passed the Vietnamese travel agent that organised my visa back in 1995. I wonder why they did that? I didn't buy my travel with them or insurance - why didn't I go to the Vietnamese Embassy? Weird.

When I find my card reader for the Kodak I'll share some photos.

Friday, May 20

Friday in May

Jindi came to our bed at 2.30am with leg cramps. And she stayed until she woke us up with the first light saying "we better get up now and go to school, it's the morning".


We love having her stay with us, and next time Doll will hopefully join her.


So with very little sleep under my belt I was surprised at how good I felt all day. I suppose it was helped by the dramatic kind of weather that changed every 10 minutes.


I love that my frangi is still flowering.


All in all a great start to the weekend!!!!

The Contest of the Year

And this is why I love Eurovision. Here we have the Icelandic entrants (Thank you SMH). It really is TV at it's best. Well, besides Survivor.


The Ukraine are hosting this year. Tonight SBS are televising the semi final and the grand finale is Sunday night. Get your parties organised!! Go Deutschland!!!!!!

Thursday, May 19

Simply Gorgeous

Found this over at Katey's. Huge cred to the wonderful artists Walter Martin and Paloma Munoz. Isn't it the most stunningly beautiful art.

Wednesday, May 18

It's that Kind of Day

Originally uploaded by love life live love.
OK so I'm cheating just a bit. This was taken last Autumn in Germany. But this is so indicative of today I just had to find it and share.

This was taken in a forest nearby JD's parents' home. We'd just gotten off the plane and thought a walk would be good for the jet lag. I ended up being a bit cranky because my shoes and jeans were getting totally muddy and wet.

School Stuff

Speaking with my sister, with her breaking down into tears as she told me what had happened to sweet Jindi at school yesterday has left me feeling shattered. My 5 year old niece who started Kindergarten this year, has been the subject of bullying once again. Bullying?! 2 children older than she is have had "issues" with her since the 1st week of school. My niece is a very pretty, intelligent, confident girl - could this be the reason? Anyway, whatever the reason, it does not warrant the abuse she has received, in particular her head being smashed against the toilet walls and her face being pinched. Thank God she is incredibly articulate and open and is able to express herself and wants to tell her Mum everything about her days at school. Imagine if she suffered this all in silence like some other children do. Let's hope this is the end of it now the principal is involved.

An example of her resilience I'm very proud to say, is she begged me to come to her school assembly today. Kindergarten were leading the assembly and she was introducing one of the guest speakers. She was so stoked to be doing it and had learnt it by heart. The whole thing was very cute. Especially the kids saying things in unison like: Gooood Moooooorrr-ning Missssussss Jo-Annnnnaaaaaaa Bllllllowwwwwww. It was a nice thing to be part of.

Tuesday, May 17


Feeling entirely depleted from last nights' yoga. Or is it from the over indulgences of the weekend?

The spaces between my ribs seem to be aching. I really have to increase my yoga practices to at least twice a week - then I could actually start benefiting from it. Once a week just makes me aware of all the bits of my body I don't use on a daily basis.

Kookaburras always make me smile. 2 just flew by my house, laughing their song loudly and scaring all the other native birds away. They are too funny.

Better get on with my job search.

Monday, May 16

Nick Cave Rocks

It was so hard getting up this morning. Snuggling under the doona just felt like bliss.

The gig last night was pretty awesome. Nick Cave is so charismatic.
And can he dance. The band and back up singers were so tight, and the whole concert was pure energy. Compared with last years' Enmore gig, this was a far higher standard - it was a real show. My ears were aching from the ringing though, ouch. Huge thanks to Tim for organising the tickets and driving us everywhere.

It was cool being back at Luna Park after all those years. It probably wouldn't be the same as when we went as kids before the ghost train fire incident - but they must surely have kept some of the cool stuff at Coney Island. The view of the bridge and city skyline at night from down there is excellent. I really must go back there with my camera soon.

Sister Love

i love these girls
Originally uploaded by love life live love.
We started yesterday very pleasantly with meeting family and friends in the park. I love these girls so much.

Clean as New

no more dog shit
Originally uploaded by love life live love.
It was all going so nicely until poor JD fell victim to the dreaded landmine that had been ignored and left behind by some unthinking selfish stupid dog owner.

We Need A Shed

The rest of the day was spent pottering relaxing, getting frustrated with my internet provider, & eating.

All in all a very nice weekend.

Saturday, May 14


ENJOYING: Catching up with old friends, Sagar South Indian Restaurant, the colours of Autumn & sleeping in.

LISTENING TO: Lior, Holly Throsby, Soundtrack to Life Acquatic

LOOKING FORWARD TO: The last episodes of Survivor, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds tomorrow night at Luna Park

Thursday, May 12

Art and About

Wednesday nights at the gallery are such a good idea. And last night was one of those gorgeous still evenings. As we drove past Hyde Park we got our first whiff of that humid smell of soil and trees which you only get when the nights get cool enough and down in the Domain itself it was over the top, especially in combination with the harbour saltiness - mmmm just divine.

The first part of the night was really interesting with Margaret Throsby interviewing Bill Leak. He is such a character and really entertaining (just like how he used to hold the floor at the old Sports Bar in Bondi years ago) - and obviously one of our best artists.

The Archibald selection wasn't overly amazing. My favourites were Ben Quilty's "Beryl" and Michael Zavros' "Alex Dimitriades".

Noel McKenna, Gloria Petyarre & Joe Furlonger's works for the Wynne were beautiful.

Not alot grabbed me in the Australian Photographic Portrait Prize except for William Yang's "Cate Blanchett" which was lovely, but how couldn't you get a lovely one of Cate. Petrina Hicks "Libby Gorr" was also quite touching. Kylie Smith captured Bob Hawke in the most scary eerie way. I don't think I'll ever forget that photo.

Can't wait for Margaret Prestons's Retrospective starting July 29th - October 23rd. She is amazing.


Wednesday, May 11

Same Old Same Old

Just like all my paper diaries of the past, this site seems to be going the same way. Every year I spend ages choosing a nice diary and then as the new year ticks over and settles in, I make entries on a daily basis, full of thoughts, ideas, pictures, happenings etc etc, and then I forget or don't make the time anymore and so weeks or months might go by before I remember I wanted to keep my diary current.

So since my birthday things here have been going downhill. And today I also found out I didn't get the job - despite how well the interview went. Thankfully I have such wonderful people in my life helping me feel better about it all as they say the right things and give me support.

So having said that, I will endeavour to post more often.

Mr Costello's Taxcuts

Mr Costello's Taxcuts
Originally uploaded by love life live love.
Should we be happy or sad about this? It somehow doesn't seem fair. Take from the poor & give to the rich(er).

Graphic via SMH

autumn leaves

autumn leaves
Originally uploaded by love life live love.
Weirdly the leaves are turning from green to all sorts of colours and falling from the trees despite the unusually warm weather. I love this time of the year. These leaves are from a tree that lives on the street I want to live in. If only I had $4 million dollars.

autumn at nielsen

autumn at nielsen
Originally uploaded by love life live love.
This place on the harbour is truly a refuge. Today they were taking down the shark net, and a squad of very motivated people were doing lap after lap. I sat and sunned myself on a rock and watched the glistening water. I had a very Zen moment down there.

Wednesday, May 4


What's up with the Oral B Brush Up's ad?